Black and White Color Selection

One of the most common questions we get from customers is, what are the best matboard options for black and white photo?  Here are some quick tips for selecting the right matboard colors.

The most common color combinations use white, black or gray mats.  There are many ways to work with these colors by using single matboard or double matboard and combing black or white cores. For example, a black and white photo with lots of white may use a white matboard with a black core.

This picture to the left is an Arctic White mat with white core (SRM3297).  The picture to the right right is of a photo gray matboard, with black core, #61019.

Here are some other very popular combinations:

  • Single Mat: Arctic White Matboard (White Core or Black Core)
  • Single Mat: Smooth Black Matboard (White Core or Black Core)
  • Single Mat: Photo Gray Matboard (White Core or Black Core)
  • Double Mat: Combination of any two of the above mats can work

The bottom line is to try and mix and match with shades of white and black and to mix in different cores for that unique and special look.  It’s a very simple, yet elegant look.  You can always order samples of our mat colors.

Matboard&More allows you to customize your matboard in any color and size configuration so experiment and good luck!  If you have any photos of black and white matboards with interesting color combinations you would like to share, please e-mail