How Many People Really Know What a Matboard is?

When I tell people I work with matboards, I normally get a blank stare.  I find it really funny because every person has come across at least a hundred matboards in their life, and there is usually at least one in the room at the time.

Even still, those who know about matboards may not know about all the amazing variations and customization’s available with matboards.  
Our Matboard 101 guide goes into some great
detail about the basics of matboard and how to distinguish between low and high quality.  As well, we have a
guide for creative and fun ways to use picture mats.

Happy New Years with Picture Frames

2014 is upon us, we wish you all an incredible year.  We launch the New Year by adding picture frames to our collection of products.  You can order frames in any size up to 32×40 and select Plexiglass and Custom Backing boards to create a great kit.  All frames come with Saw Tooth hangers as well!

We currently offer Black Satin and Dark Walnut wooden frames but we will be expanding into new colors as time goes on.

Thanks to everyone for an incredible 2013, we hope to do even better in 2014!