Matboard 101 Infographic

Check out this great infographic to help you choose the right picture mat for your art. There is a lot to consider and if you are a first time custom mat buyer you will want to review this guide.  It’s not always easy to know what makes the difference between a cheap bargain matte and a high quality matte.  You have to consider a lot of things including the thickness, acidity, core and finish.

New Product Launch!

After years of research and development we at Matboard and More have created the worlds first Edible Matboard, and we could not be prouder!  Completely customizable and come in all the same colors and sizes as our regular matboards.  Edible Matboards are a revolution that will change the way mats are looked at forever.

No longer do we have to be satisfied with simple decoration and beautiful interior designs.  It’s not just about art, it is about so much more!

Visit our product launch page for more detail!