Rick Angeloni Artist Profile

Rick’s Bio

I am a Creative Director and Designer living and working in Princeton, NJ. My background includes a BFA from The Cooper Union School of Art with a concentration in Graphic Design. I have always had a fascination with photography and recently started using the iPhone as my main instrument for composing, shooting and developing all my work. Photos are displayed as 3 x 3-inch squares to approximate how they are viewed in today’s world of smartphones. My subjects range from landscapes to typographic oddities seen around us, but taken for granted, every day. My goal is translate principles and foundations of graphic design to photography by means of order, symmetry, scale and clarity to communicate a new feeling.


Matboard and More is profiling artists and groups that use our products as part of the 2015 Photo Contest.  

Marnie Reynolds-Bourque Artist Profile

Marnie Reynolds-Bourque has been a customer of Matboard and More for nearly 2 years.  She does incredibly unique pop up art!  Marnie shares her bio below.  Visit Marnie’s Etsy and Website.
I am a self taught artist that paints the things I love. I find lots of enjoyment painting subjects I love and hope it shows in my work.  I strive to create art that reminds you of a wonderful vacation, favorite memory, or just compliments your home. 
These pop art prints are scans of original paintings created by me, then printed and matted. I then print an additional section, to create a “pop” effect. I love bright colors, so my finished product is colorful and eye catching. 

Matboard and More is profiling artists and groups that use our products as part of the 2015 Photo Contest.  

Kim Luczkowski Artist Profile

Kim Luczkowski is a watercolor artist who has been painting for about two years.  She is a Huron Ohio native which is on the southern shore of Lake Erie.  Huron has several beautiful beaches and she has painted images of three of them in the past year.  She uses Matboard & More to mat the prints that she makes from her paintings.

Below she describes in detail the three photo’s she submitted in the 2015 Photo Contest.

My painting of Huron Lake Front Park features this public park on the southern shore of Lake Erie.  In the distance you can faintly see Cedar Point which is a huge amusement park in Sandusky Ohio.

My painting of Nickel Plate Beach shows two piers which straddle the Huron River just west of this public beach.  In the distance is the Huron Lighthouse which sits at the end of the mile long pier.

This painting of Chaska Beach captures a very windy, rainy day in June of 2015.  These Adirondack chairs represent the usual festive atmosphere on this private beach that were idled on that day.

I discovered my ability to paint watercolors just over two years ago and decided to feature the beaches from my home town of Huron Ohio.

Matboard and More is profiling artists and groups that use our products as part of the 2015 Photo Contest.  

Susan DuBois Artist Profile

Susan is a long time customer of Matboard and More’s and she utilizes multi opening custom mats to display her awesome wall art on Etsy!

Four years ago, she opened a shop on Etsy, the peer-to-peer e-commerce website specializing in the sale of handmade and vintage items. cloudnineprints.etsy.com, exclusively sells storybook art for nurseries and children’s rooms.

She shares a bit more of her story with us.

I believe that the early, special connection children have with their books can be enhanced by decorating their bedrooms with storybook illustrations.  Classic children’s book illustrators know how to hold a child’s attention and spark their imagination. Why not display their works of art on your child’s walls for them to enjoy every day? Storybook wall art keeps the book “open” long after the story ends!

The most popular prints in my Etsy shop are Winnie the Pooh, Babar the Elephant, and Beatrix Potter. When preparing these prints for sale, I need to mat oddly-sized vintage illustrations to fit modern-sized frames; Matboard & More excels in this arena. My customers are very happy, as am I!

Matboard and More is profiling artists and groups that use our products as part of the 2015 Photo Contest.  

Angela Bond – Featured Artist

Angela Bond has been with Matboard and More since almost from when we opened our doors!  She is an extremely talented and dedicated artist that specializes in animal prints, especially canines.  Her art work is available on her Etsy Page, including her just released calendar. She accepts commission work and you can also find her at all the major art shows on the East Coast!

Angela Bond Artist Statement

To create my Neo Pop Art paintings, I work free hand with very small brushes and visually break down my subject using large plains of bold color as an independent structural element. Sometimes the shapes are organic and other times more geometric.  The subject dictates the flow of the painting.  As my medium, I typically use acrylics on canvas, acrylic mediums and sometimes gold leaf or silver leaf is worked into an elaborate foreground or background design.

As far as my choice of canines as my most common subject, I admire dogs in part because they display what we consider to be some of the finest human traits; empathy, loyalty and resilience. I also paint various felines, horses and a bird here and there…There is probably not an animal that I do not like and always find that above all else they remind me to live in the moment and never forget how to play…A certain joie de vie is often the theme in my large paintings.