Liz Oblinger Artist Profile

Liz Oblinger has been a great customer of Matboard and More’s for years. She purchases custom cut double mats and uses them to insert her art and add calligraphy on the mats.

Artist Submission Below:

I have a fascination with handwriting, and in the past you might’ve called mine terrible. My second grade teacher frequently held me in at recess to redo my messy cursive sheets.  But I should probably thank Mrs. Fox for my pretty penmanship today.

My style of calligraphy has a casual touch and reminds of old school cursive. My craft progressed from those second grade cursive sheets to posters and certificates, then later to wedding invitations. It was then that my shop Casual Calligraphy was born.

While most of my clients are brides and party planners, I’ve found a niche in the gift market with my unique photo mats. The designers at Matboard and More helped me design mats that allow me to write quotes and my customers to add their own photos, creating unique and personalized gifts. It is truly a joy to turn something as simple as words on a page into a work of art.

My work can be found on Casual Calligraphy Etsy and Facebook, and you can reach me through