Matboard and More Adds New Frames!

Matboard and More Adds New Frames!

Here at Matboard and More, we’re always looking for ways to add to the “More.” In that spirit, we have expanded our frame selection by adding six Contemporary Polystyrene frames to our inventory!

These frames are unlike anything else we carry. Coming in a wider style, these frames have a number of new shapes, textures, and colors. The round profile frames have a lot of character, and inverse curve frames are very cool. The leather texture frames are quite striking, and the metallic trim completes the look. Best of all, all these frames are available at a very affordable price.

Polystrene is a commonly used imitation wood. Though made of plastic, the frame is cut and painted to look like real wood. This helps keep the prices lower than you would expect for frames that look this good. These frames are especially useful for framing larger pieces, due to their thick profile and low cost.

You can still purchase our familiar backing and plexiglass options with any of the new frames. And of course, for those who prefer wooden frames, all our old options are still available.

DragonCon Celebrates 40 Years, Part 2

Dragon Con is a lot of fun, no doubt about it. I didn’t even go into the night life, where raves and drum circles carry on through the night and into the next morning, or the karaoke contests, the mobile parties, and so on. Yet, DragonCon also has a more serious side.

DragonCon hosts an annual blood drive that brings in thousands of units of blood every year. DragonCon often competes against ComicCon’s own blood drive, often beating the west coast convention. Futhermore, DragonCon sponsors a charity every year. This year it was the Altanta Self-Sufficiency Center, a local charity that works to help the homeless get back on their feet through a number of different programs. The participants really help out, coming up with games and contests to encourage donations.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, DrgaonCon is also a great place for the arts. As I mentioned before, within DragonCon itself there are professional level workshops for writers, in addition to dozens of less professional discussion panels on writing, costuming, and art. You can also take acting classes, and meditation classes have been offered in the past.

Beyond discussion and workshops, DragonCon also offers many opportunities for artists and other creative types to show and sell their work. The DragonCon Dealers Room has expanded from a single (large) room in the Marriott to a large chunk of the AmericasMart building. And perhaps more relevant to us, DragonCon boasts a Comic and Pop Art room, and a more traditional art show.

The Comic and Pop Artist Alley, as it is called, is the place to find art based on existing works. These are fan works with everything from fan mashups – Jason Vorhees fighting Michael Myers, for instance. Or you might an Impressionst or Cubist take on the inscribable horror of Cthulu. Or maybe you just want a really nice Star Wars picture on your wall.

If that’s not your cup of tea, however, the DragonCon Art Show may be more what you’re looking for. While there will be a focus on the fantastic, the Art Show contains all original works. Not to say you won’t see anything familiar, as some of these works may have gone on to inspire the media that creates the core of DragonCon.

All in all, there is nothing quite like DragonCon. Weather you want to learn something, have fun, have fun learning something, or just sit back and take it all in, DragonCon has a lot to offer. Weather you’re planning to get a hotel room and stay all weekend, or just stopping in for a day, you can always find something interesting and unusual to do.