Photo Contest Winner + November Edition!

This gorgeous piece of matted and framed artwork of a blue turtle
A number of matboards with amazing artwork for sale

We couldn’t decide… so we didn’t! We had more great entries this month, and it was a harder choice this time. We came down to two… and decided they were both winners! 

The first piece is from Carena at Sea Tones Art, called “Blue Honu,” is a lovely piece of a swimming turtle.

Meanwhile, Robin Bullard uses our mats to display an impressive collection of autographed pictures. I don’t recognize all of them, but there are some great musicians in there.

Congratulations to both of you!

PRIZES The winner will get a $100 Matboard and More Gift Card.  

HOW TO ENTER Upload your photo of your art with our mats or frames using any social media network (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) with #MBNMPhotoContest. We’re going to use this hashtag for ALL CONTESTS going forward, so you don’t have to remember a new one each month. Multiple entries are encouraged, especially on all of your social media accounts. For Facebook, make sure the post is marked public or post it to our Facebook page directly.  

DEADLINE Nov 27th, 2018.

Winners, please contact us at to receive your gift card.

Multi-Opening Matboards and Frames

Multi-Opening Matboards and Frames

multi opening matboards and frames by matboard and more
Multi-Opening Matboards and Frames Now Available Online

Order from our most popular multiple opening matboard templates, or contact us with your own custom design. Visit our Custom Design Gallery to see some of the highly customized mats and frames we’ve created. You can add a Custom Picture Frame for any of these mat designs.

Order from our most popular multiple opening matboard templates, or contact us with your own custom design. Visit our Custom Design Gallery to see some of the highly customized mats and frames we've created. You can add a Custom Picture Frame for any of these mat designs. Artwork shown here is for display purposes only with custom mats and custom frames

Choose From Dozens of Templates

We currently have created designs for 11x14, 12x16 and 16x20 art and we will continue to create more.

custom matboard and frame builder for multiple opening designs

Customize Your Mat and Frame

Use our custom matboard and frame builder to fully customize your design with any of colors, frames and accessories.

Am I Blue?

Am I Blue?

Growing up, I mostly heard about how weird Picasso’s paintings were. Someone would show me a picture of a bunch of shapes and colors, and then tell me it was a person. Or a building. Or whatever. It didn’t make sense to me. Paintings should just look like the thing, with a frame and matboard if you liked.

As I got older, I began to understand and appreciate the ideas behind Cubism more, and I may talk about that at some point. I also learned that Picasso didn’t just paint “weird shapes and colors,” but that he had many other works as well. I heard a lot about his Blue Period and decided to look into it a little more.

A painting from Picasso's blue period, ready for a matboard

The above piece is titled “Casagemas in His Coffin,” is usually considered the first work of the Blue Period. Picasso was going through a dark time in his life, partly caused by the suicide of the friend depicted in his painting above. His work reflected his mood, as is the case with artists. The most obvious effect is the use of blue, almost to the exclusion of other colors.

Picasso's tragedy, a somber classic painting that would look great in a matboard and frame

Yet we can see from pieces like “The Tragedy” that it was not just about using this color. The subjects of his paintings became more somber as well. He often painted beggars and other solitary figures during this time, such as the “Old Man with the Guitar,” and “Melancholy Woman,” below, but even family paintings do not offer much in the way of hope.

Another great Picasso painting

For those of us in the modern day, it is an interesting time to study. In addition to seeing how Picasso’s style changed and grew during this period, we also get a small glimpse into a places and times not usually shown by the artists of their day.

Those of us in the modern day can also easily look at the totality of Picasso’s work, and decide how to display it. With our new Multi-Opening Frames, you could show your favorite of his pieces side by side. Would you want two from the Blue Period? Or maybe offer contrast by displaying one of these next to his Cubist work? The choice is yours!

Napoleon and the Alps

Napoleon and the Alps

Napoleon is one of the most recognizable historical figures. He had an exciting and complicated career, and we still feel the effects of his actions today. While he certainly had a more direct impact on Europe, he played a role in American history as well. In the earl 1800s, President Jefferson bought the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon’s France.  

Napoleon understood the value of good PR, well before that term had been invented. When the King of Spain offered a painting’s commission from the talented artist Jacques-Louis David, Napoleon already had an idea. He wanted to be viewed and remembered in a way that I can only describe as epic. He went with an epic painting that recalled one of his greatest achievements- his passage through the Alps, and the subsequent French victory. He had David paint and frame several versions of the painting, which is why you may have seen this painting with slightly different coloring.

An epic oil painting of Napoleon crossing the mountains in the winter

And sure enough, I think it worked. For many, this very painting is what they think of when they picture Napoleon: confident, ready, looking strong and ready to plow ahead through the snow and right into battle. But how realistic is this depiction? Probabably not very. Some years later, the painter Paul Delaroche decided to take on this same idea in a different way. While Napoleon’s crossing of the Alps was a major accomplishment before a major victory, it would not have been like the epic painting shows. Crossing the Alps in the winter is hard and miserable- and perhaps all the more impressive for that.

An alternate take on the famous piece of historical artwork

Which is better than the other? There’s no right answer to that question. Each painting had a different purpose, so it’s hard to directly judge one against the other. We also don’t have to. Taken together, they give us a much richer understanding of the crossing. We see both the grim reality of the toil of the march, in Delaroche’s version, yes. But we also see how it was depicted and viewed at the time- and certainly, to anyone waiting for Napoleon on the other side of the pass, he may have looked more like the the hero astride the great stallion in the brilliant uniform. And of course, we today can choose to mat and display either or both, if we like!

One final piece- a different style, depicting a different general making the same crossing thousands of years before. It Turner’s “Snow Storm: Hannibal and his Army Crossing the Alps”

An abstract painting showing a looming shadow against the sun while Hannibal crosses the Alps

For All Occasions. All of Them.

For All Occasions. All of Them.

A lovely custom matboard and beautiful frame displaying a photo from a wedding

While matboards are mainly used in regular frames to hold a single picture, there is much more you can do with them. While our website  can only take single opening matboard orders, you can email us anytime to get a quote on something with a little more going on. What do we mean by that? And when would you need a special mat like this? We’ll show you.

A custom matboard and frame displaying several classic histortical postcards

Here is a simple example of a Custom Mat. For this design, the customer had several classic postcards they wanted to display together. Rather than having side-by-side frames, the customer was both insightful and thrifty, and chose to mat and frame them together. Not only does the multiple opening design look better and link the pieces more strongly, it’s less expensive than separate frames as well.

A custom matboard and frame for the armed forces displaying a number of medals and awards from the miliary

There are many occasions when you could use a multiple opening mat. Besides linking art together, a multi-opening mat is the perfect way to display photos from an event like a wedding or graduation. Our mats can be designed to fit diplomas, wedding invitations, tassels, and many other things. Along those lines, professional groups also use custom designs to display licenses and staff photos, or as retirement gifts. We also have experience creating mats and frames for military retirements and awards.

A custom mat and frame made for a dance competetion

Sports fans, don’t feel left out! There are a lot of ways to mat sporting memorabilia. Jersey/picture combos always looks great, but there are many ways to commemorate your favorite team. We can also help you find the best matboards to match for your team’s colors.

Your imagination can run wild. You can cut a crazy custom shape, like Mickey Mouse, or cut letters into the mats. These are just a few ideas for mats, there are many more!

A fun Mickey Mouse shaped matboard