Carolyn Shoemaker Artist Profile

Carolyn uses Matboard and More materials for her presentations.


My name is Carolyn and I am an Artist/Designer. My love for art started at a very early age. As a little girl I was always creating, drawing and making cards. I always knew art would figure prominently in my life, professionally and personally.
I studied at the College For Creative Studies in Detroit, where I earned my BA in Graphic Communications. I am an established professional graphic designer, and recently made a switch in priorities from a Full Time Graphic Designer to Full Time Fine Artist. It has been so rewarding to focus more on fine art.  Acrylics are my medium of choice, and my subject matter changes from day to day. I enjoy experimenting with all types of subject matter, color and techniques.

My paintings are for sale on I recently was invited to exhibit my work at the 2015 CCS Alumni Exhibition and had a one women show at Cranberries Café in Goodrich, Michigan. Also, I have paintings exhibited at the South Haven Art Center, in South Haven, Michigan and the Crooked Tree Art Center in Traverse City Michigan.

I am inspired  by Vincent Van Gogh, Jackson Pollack, Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol and so many more! From abstracts to realistic landscapes and flowers, I am exploring it all and enjoying every moment.

Thank you for your consideration,

Carolyn Shoemaker, csomatic@hotmail.com248-736-3651

Matboard and More is profiling artists and groups that use our products as part of the 2015 Photo Contest.  

Getting your Art on the Wall by Mike Linnemann

We often have customers returning from shows and conventions and they are curious about the best way to get that art on the wall.  Of course we have all the
matboard and framing materials you need to get the job done but there are
a lot of other considerations to account for.

This is a great and detailed article on getting your art on the wall by
Mike Linnemann.  
He discusses the many different options including buying standard frames from local stores, doing custom framing and of course online retailers.

Photo Corners to Mount Valuable Art

Many customers ask us how they should mount their most valuable art work so that it doesn’t get damaged.  Any adhesive method is going to be permanent so it’s not suitable for things like stamps, novelty items or other valuable art work.

We recently created a custom matboard and frame for Barry which he used to frame a rare stamp collection.  He used photo cornersto mount the stamps, so no adhesive ever touches the stamps.  You can see the custom mat design and the finished product below.

We made the opening about 1/2″ larger than the stamps, this is called a float.  We then provided a mounting board where Barry placed the photo corners and the stamps. The white bevel of the top layer provides a nice border.

Here is a close up of one of the photo corners.

This is the best way to frame and mount your valuable art work and it’s dead easy!

How to Get the Most Value With your Matboard Purchase

We often get asked what is the best way to get the most value when purchasing matboard from our website.  There are a few important things to keep in mind and this guide will help you get the best pricing.

  1. Shipping and processing are almost like flat fees.  This means you should always try to combine orders so you only pay shipping once.  If you can get your sub total to $99 it also saves you the $4.95 processing fee.
  2. Volume discounts are applied to mats of the same type (color and size).  It’s far better to get 50, 11×14 / 7.5×9.5 in white, than to get 50 over 5 different colors.  The volume discount for 50 is 66% vs 37% for 10.
  3. Volume discounts begin at just quantity 2 and climb rapidly.  You don’t need to buy a lot to get a deal.
  4. If you are buying accessories such as backing boards, Plexiglass or frames with your mats, buy them separately if the outer sizes are the same but the color/opening size of the mats are different.  This way you can get the full volume discount on the backing/plexiglass etc.
  5. There is no difference buying from the show kits/value packs page for pricing. It is a more convenient way to purchase but if you get the same quantity and size it won’t impact the price.
  6. Pricing is always based on the outer size of the mat, don’t worry about using custom openings.
  7. All colors are the same price.
  8. There is no charge for our bonus features like off-sets or taping the double mats together.
  9. For custom multi-opening designs, there is always a design fee which depends on the complexity of the design.  This is a flat fee you pay just once per order so it’s worth it to get more mats.


Wedding Gift Idea with Mats and Foam

Weddings are amazing fun, but they are a struggle to plan.  Everyone wants something unique and fun to make the special night even more special!  Mat boards are an amazing way to add something that stands out and is memorable.

Signature Matboard

The classic thing is to have a signature mat with a great photo in the middle and guest signatures all around.  This is a great keeps sake.

Recently one of our customers used mats and foam in an unprecedented way!  They had puzzle pieces laid out for all their tables.  The guests then pieced the puzzle together in a beautiful custom design mat board encasing.  The end result was spectacular, the bride and groom were very pleased with the results and were kind enough to share them with us.

At Matboard and More we are always happy to help make your creative ideas a reality!