Superbowl LI 20% Off Promotion!

Superbowl LI 20% Off Promotion!

The playoffs are upon us, and Super Bowl LI is imminent. Here at Matboard and More, we want to help commemorate the event. We’re thrilled that our hometown Falcons are doing so well, but we don’t want to play favorites either. Starting now, save 20%* on all NFL team mat colors, including custom mats. That includes authentic NFL colors to match your favorite team!  

*Limit one use per customer, applied to subtotal of all football themed mats for orders up to $500.

For a limited time only, we have special ordered the exact team colors for the four playoff teams from Crescent’s official Sports Color Guide. These are acid free, conservation mats that will never fade or damage your art work. Follow the links below for standard sized mats and frames, but as with all our products you can always customize them to the exact size and colors you like!

If you’re not quite sure what you want or how to order, email us at We can help figure out what you need and answer any questions. We’ll also set up an account for you and load the mat right into your cart.

We wish all the playoff teams the best of luck, before they surely fall to the mighty Falcons!

2015 Photo Share Contest

The 2015 Matboard and More Photo Share contest begins now!  Besides the cash prizes, this year we are offering you the chance to get exposure through our social media networks.

Artists who wish to be profiled can send us a bio and a brief description of how they use our products along with their photo submissions.  We will be blogging and posting on social media to help promote great artists all across the country!

To enter, all you need to do is submit a photo of our matboards with your art work to

We will share your photo on our Pinterest board and other social media.  View the 2014 album! The first and second place winners from last year are shown below!


  • First Place : $200 coupon to Matboard and More
  • Second Place : $100 coupon to Matboard and More
  • Third Place : $50 coupon to Matboard and More

How to Enter


  • Photo can be of any art work (doesn’t have to be your own)
  • Must include a matboard purchased at Matboard and More
  • Multiple submissions are permitted
  • Submission must be received by Sep 8, 2015

Getting your Art on the Wall by Mike Linnemann

We often have customers returning from shows and conventions and they are curious about the best way to get that art on the wall.  Of course we have all the
matboard and framing materials you need to get the job done but there are
a lot of other considerations to account for.

This is a great and detailed article on getting your art on the wall by
Mike Linnemann.  
He discusses the many different options including buying standard frames from local stores, doing custom framing and of course online retailers.

White Frames, Non-Glare Plexi and Oval Matting!

White Frames, Non-Glare Plexi and Oval Matting!

In the New Years newsletter, Matboard and More promised a new range of products and we have delivered!  All of these are now available online with wholesale pricing.

White Picture Frames : Now available are White Picture Frames in 1″ and 2″ sizes. These are the same high quality picture frames as our Black and Dark Walnut.

Non-Glare Plexiglass : The new Plexiglass is thick and durable like our Premium Plexiglass but it’s also non-glare to protect the art work and make your art look even better!  UV is coming next!