Superbowl LI 20% Off Promotion!

Superbowl LI 20% Off Promotion!

The playoffs are upon us, and Super Bowl LI is imminent. Here at Matboard and More, we want to help commemorate the event. We’re thrilled that our hometown Falcons are doing so well, but we don’t want to play favorites either. Starting now, save 20%* on all NFL team mat colors, including custom mats. That includes authentic NFL colors to match your favorite team!  

*Limit one use per customer, applied to subtotal of all football themed mats for orders up to $500.

For a limited time only, we have special ordered the exact team colors for the four playoff teams from Crescent’s official Sports Color Guide. These are acid free, conservation mats that will never fade or damage your art work. Follow the links below for standard sized mats and frames, but as with all our products you can always customize them to the exact size and colors you like!

If you’re not quite sure what you want or how to order, email us at We can help figure out what you need and answer any questions. We’ll also set up an account for you and load the mat right into your cart.

We wish all the playoff teams the best of luck, before they surely fall to the mighty Falcons!

Framing Album Covers and Concert Tickets

Matboard and More loves to create custom mats and frames for any special project you may have!

Michael came to us to help him memorialize some of his most treasured pieces of art and music history with custom matting and framing.  5 days and $40 later he had his art work framed and matted.

Michael came to us with some designs and photos of his art work. Here is an example with some Ben Folds memorabilia.  Michael sent us photos of the stuff he wanted to frame and their corresponding dimensions.

We then worked on a layout for the matboard, and after a few revisions got it to exactly how Michael wanted it. We made a double mat with the openings being larger than the art pieces. This way Michael would not have to cover up any of the art.

After selecting colors, the order was placed online and Michael had the finished piece within 5 days of contacting us.  He graciously shared this piece and a couple others with us.